Saturday, April 2, 2011

You Asked, We Answered!

You decided what project we'd take on and you've waited long enough.

We changed the design quite a bit -- to update it and to make it work for our space. But we think you'll still recognize the "seating system" inspiration in our final design.

The first step was to customize it with our awesome logo, so we dusted off our screenprinting supplies and got to work!

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you... our new version of the mid-70s seating system!

To make it a seating "system", everything comes apart and can be moved into different formations:

Knowing that it would be used in our messy messy studio (by messy messy us!), we decided to use a button closure, so that the covers can be removed and laundered.

Ahhh, just what we need in the studio -- a comfy spot to relax, put up our feet and not get any work done!


  1. First thing I gotta say is I want to screen print too!!!!!!! lol ok that aside this turned out great. You gals are very talented.