Saturday, February 12, 2011

Starting the Seating System

Thank you so much to everyone who voted on our last post. The results are in, and the Simple Seating System has reigned supreme!

Suck it, Team Wall Tidy! I'm joking of course, you Wall Tidies fought a good fight. We will have to put the Tidy back in the game the next time we let you decide our crafty fate...

Still, majority rules and so we've starting to work on our new version of the mid-70s Seating System -- which will really open up the lounging options at the Five Corners studio. We are modernizing and making the project more practical for our purposes... but you'll still recognize it!

To pay homage to the era of the inspiration craft, we've chosen a verrrry 70s rust colour for the fabric:

Can you dig it?

We're hard at work on our assignment now. We'll post again with pictures of some of the steps we took and, of course, the finished project!