Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ch Ch Ch Changes!

Well, it certainly has been a time of major change for us here at Five Corners! After some fairly large changes in our personal lives and some reflection and careful consideration - we decided to move out of our 'Art Basement'. It was a scary decision but one that definitely felt right for us.

Our beautiful new studio space is now located in my home, a feat which took all of our (admittedly not always stellar) organizational skills. Every single piece of furniture was moved in my home, both home and studio were put through a major spring clean and declutter (oh, the endless decluttering...), most of the existing studio furniture was rehomed (thank you Craigslist and Value Village!) and approximately one million car loads later - Voila! We did it!

Now here's where you are probably expecting photos of our glorious new space, all clean and pristine and organized. Well, the joke's on you because it is still a work in progress. But I do promise to get it cleaned up one day soon so that I can show you all our lovely new space. Because it is awesome! And the commute is even more awesome. Sarah may have slightly different feelings on the matter, but I can now wander into the studio any time of night or day, in my pyjamas, and get to work. And seeing as how much work I have had to do lately, it is a huge blessing, let me tell you.

Which brings me neatly to another big change around these parts. Through a series of events (that are far too boring to get into) I have started working on Custom Pet Portraits. But, being Five Corners' version of Pet Portraits, they are not quite what you would expect! So without further ado - I hereby introduce my brand new line of "Vintage Inspired Custom Artwork"

I am loving them and the response has been fantastic so far!

Custom pieces are now listed in our Etsy shop and more photos can be found on our facebook page. Please contact me ( if you would like to place an order or to discuss the possibilities!

It sometimes feels like a whole new Five Corners, but don't worry our Diet Coke consumption continues unabated. After all, we wouldn't want to change EVERYTHING! What are we, insane?

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  1. Good to see you back on the blog!! We'll look for more exciting posts in the future.